Following our visit to the W+K Tokyo office we flew west and landed at W+K Amsterdam. The chance to document another of the famous ad agency’s work spaces was a true privilege, and spoke further to the calibre of the creatives working for W+K globally.

Where the Tokyo team worked towards bringing a “new perspective and expertise…to brand building in Japan”, the European headquarters describes itself as, “a truly global agency, purpose-built to produce work that runs all over the world.”

Founded in 1992, W+K Amsterdam is a melting pot of over 130 creative people, from over 25 nationalities. Their space reflects the team’s varying personalities, nationalities and creative influences, with a collection of art, artefacts, murals and undeniable personal character displayed throughout the building. A revolving exhibition space (pictured here in development) takes pride of place in the entrance of the office and various award statues are spotted around the agency (specifically in the toilets) to remind those, in the unlikely event they forgot, that this is an office lauded by its peers in the industry. Being both within and contemporaneously without, the space helps one to better understand the depths of the creative minds that W+K Amsterdam has at its disposal.

Text by OCD.

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