W+K, for the uninitiated, is one of the world’s premiere advertising agencies, WTC visited their Japanese outpost located on a quiet backstreet in the Meguro prefecture of Tokyo. 

Just Do Tokyo
Text by OCD.

Self described as an agency that mixes: 

“different cultures, interests, backgrounds and skills to bring a new perspective, expertise and level of creativity to brand building for companies in Japan.”

It is clear to us that part of the inspiration and ideation for their ‘new perspective’ comes down to their studio space. W+K Japan’s office, with a raft of desks facing each other set under wooden beams, allows for the free-flowing of ideas back and forth. The diverse selection of art and sculpture surrounding the central workspace betrays some of the more interesting personalities within the W+K Japan Team. 

One need only visit to indulge in some of the best advertising coming out of East Asia. To experience the space where those campaigns began as simple ideas is inspiring to say the least.

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