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Artists Wona Bae (South Korea) and Charlie Lawler (Australia) are a collaborative duo, known internationally for their installations and sculptures that navigate the visceral and symbiotic connections between people and nature. Their installations are often site-specific and create a dialogue with the surrounding architecture or space. Their artworks deconstruct and distort familiar natural forms and present new landscapes to be considered and explored.

Bae and Lawler present the natural world as active and central in an era of polarisation, inequality, inaction and apathy. Their work combines installation, sculpture, sound, two-dimensional artworks, and photographs documenting ephemeral interventions.

I was introduced to Wona and Charlie through a good friend, Bernadette Alibrando, who consults for the Heide Museum of Modern Art and had included their work in a recent exhibition. Sometimes I see a show, and I immediately want to see where the artist works - it’s combination of knowing that the space will be visually layered as well as having a connection to the work. When you step into their studio, you immediately feel that there is nothing accidental in their space - the shapes and forms that they create are ideas being played out and I felt very inspired to see their process.

                                                                                                                                                                               Music by Olivier and Clare Manchon

Describe your ideal workspace in three words…
Vast. Blank. Organised.

What do you do to center yourself and find focus?
Go for a walk, visit nature. Being able to see a horizon works every time.

What are you most proud of in the space?
We're really happy when we manage to create a little bit of open space in the studio. The scale and repetition in our work means at times the studio gets very full of materials, especially in the lead up to exhibitions.

What themes do you pursue in your work?
Relationships, perspective, distortion and repetition

What can you see outside your windows?
It’s changed over the years, when we first moved in we could see a panel beating workshop, then an ice dealer (the cold kind), then a futon bed shop and now a cafe.
What is something that I would be surprised to find in your space?
One of the unexpected things you'll notice about our studio is the unique aroma, not unpleasant, but there’s usually a lot of natural materials in varying stages of life and decay.

Favourite song/band while working?
Chances with Wolves is a bit of a studio staple.

What mindset/mood do you make your best art/work?
Maybe because there is two of us, there’s always a lot of healthy debate about new artworks. During this time our mindset changes significantly, it usually goes something like this; We have an idea, there's momentum, then healthy debate, then doubt, then despair, then optimism and then we get in the groove and things usually work themselves out.

Describe a real life mundane situation that inspires you!
Getting snacks. Trying seasonal fruits or anything from a convenience store.

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