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Some friends you know for years without being totally aware of their talent and skills. I have shared many amazing meals and conversations with Will Holland a.k.a. Quantic and his partner Aziza Ali but it took some time before I actually made it to one of his DJ sets and his ecelctic musical sensibility was a revelation.

I’ve now shot quite a few producers and DJs through my collaboration with Record Magazine and when WIll told me about his studio, I was very curious to see his space. I find that music producers often have crazy collections of musical apparatus and vintage vinyl and his was no exception.

Aziza has been heavily involved in running the studio, she is also a very accomplished ceramacist in her own right.

What is something that I would be surprised to find in your space?
A 1950’s German record cutting lathe. This was bought from an historic record label in Colombia, called Disco Victoria. It’s a Neumann, and it’s in a state of active restoration and modification. We use it to cut sublates from sessions, and the lacquer masters for production for the Selva Studio label.

Describe your ideal workspace in three words…
Natural light, Vibey, Sound proofed + acoustically treated, an outdoor space and of course, windows!

Does the space you work in have an interesting story?
From what we know, it used to be a chroming factory. A lot of the buildings in this part of industrial Bushwick, were factories of one sort or the other. Given the bare bones of the space when we took it on, it took quite  bit of finessing to get it to the sound treated space it is now.

Do you work and live in the same space, if so how does that affect your work?
No, fortunately we live nearby, but we’ve got most of the comforts of home here, minus a bed.

What are you most proud of in the space?
Aziza: The furniture pieces in the lounge. All the wooden furniture was a collaboration between my father Kazim, Will and I. We sent sketches and measurements to my father, and he built all the pieces in his workshop. They are made from rustic rift and quartered, white American oak.

Will: The mix room - it’s a great room to mix in, and is a really creative listening environment - the frequency response of the room is very true and accurate. And of course, all of the workmanship. Aziza’s father custom built the frames around the room and windows using Mahogany, as well as my outboard rack.

How would you describe your neighborhood?
It’s very industrial,  There are lots of forklifts and wooden pallets on the streets, amazing street art and graffiti. There are more and more creative businesses popping up. We’re right next to the English Kills, where a friend has a ship docked, and we sometimes go to late night parties there.

What can you see outside your windows?
There’s a lovely Sicilian father and son-owned trucking company right next door - so, sometimes we see men wrestling with welding machines at the top of the truck dump-body, and sometimes we have clear blue skies.

What is your dream project?
To soundtrack a film.

Favourite song/band while working?
When Will is working, he’s usually listening carefully to his own work - but in our lounge, we love to play something from our large record collection. It’s a mish mash of NY jazz, Colombian, Brazilian, and Caribbean titles, with some Wings tucked in there.

What's the best advice you've been given and from whom?
"Forward ever, backward never” from Aziza’s father, Kazim and ‘You can’t polish a turd’ from Will’s father, Terry.

What mindset/mood do you make your best art/work?
Mornings, after exercise, or after a holiday / country break. 


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