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This is the third time I’ve shot Swiss-born artist, OLAF BREUNING - he was part of the first WHERE THEY CREATE book and over the years has become a friend. We are both up-staters, he’s about 30 mins away from me  in Kerhonkson, New York  Olaf has a twisted sense of humor and a keen sense of play which comes through in all of his work. Breuning is a multimedia artist working primarily in sculpture, drawing, installation and photography. His work draws heavily from popular culture and a collective visual iconography. It was great to see the big kid and small kid come together in the playground that is Olaf’s studio.

Breuning was the subject of a major retrospective in 2016, featuring works from 1998-2016, at NRW-Forum called “The Madness We Call Reality” in Dusseldorf, Germany and has had many one-person exhibitions in prestigious museums and galleries around the globe, including Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and the Paul Klee Museum, Bern. In the US, he is represented by Metro Gallery Pictures in New York and Michael Benevento in Los Angeles.

(I made an appearance in his 2017 exhibition “Posters” in Zurich, Switzerland, looking glamorous in a trash-bag!)

What is something that I would be surprised to find in your space?

Describe your ideal workspace in three words…
Lots of ideas

Does the space you work in have an interesting story?
It was a double garage before, I don’t think that it is very interesting!

Do you work and live in the same space, if so how does that affect your work?
My studio is attached to the house. what is great, you can sneak in and out easy, get an espresso in the kitchen..

What are you most proud of in the space?
I guess all my half done ideas...

How would you describe your neighborhood?
Nature, forest, nothing really.

What can you see outside your windows?
Nature, forest, nothing really..

Describe a real life mundane situation that inspires you!
Two people crashing into each other while looking at the iPhone

What themes do you pursue in your work?
All about life

What is your dream project?
Anything what makes me feel good about myself and the time I live in.

Favourite song/band while working?
Mostly charts! Top 100. Just out of curiosity what is going on.

What's the best advice you've been given and from whom?
Uhhh, can not remember.

What is your most important artist's tool?
Computer I guess...

What mindset/mood do you make your best art/work?
I guess it has to do with the chemical mixture in my brain, can never say when it happens. Happy creativity is random in my case.

When you day dream in your space and just lose yourself in thought, what are you thinking or worrying about?
I have a toddler, I don’t daydream anymore! And there is always something to worry about!

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