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Martyn Thompson began his career making clothes before deciding to document them instead. He worked as a fashion photographer in Sydney and Paris and then in London - where his scope broadened into the world of interiors and still life.

Martyn Thompson Studio is a multidisciplinary outfit that has branched out from Thompson’s distinctive photography practice into a number of creative expressions. An aesthetic anchored in the touch of the hand, which stems from Thompson’s love of craft, runs through the studio’s work, defined by a tactile and painterly language that is a visual push me, pull me between nostalgia and now.

Founded in NYC in 2013, the studio has notably developed its signature jacquard textile collection: a visual marriage of the hand-made with technology, where Thompson’s photographs are edited and manipulated into repeated patterns and then woven on a jacquard loom in cotton. Today the studio’s work includes carpet and wallpaper design, homewares, accessories and limited edition art. Additionally, MTS collaborates with brands to give direction on the areas that help shape and define a visual identity: color, mood and tactility.

You can find more info about Martyn Thompson studio at http://www.martynthompsonstudio.com

What Is Something That I Would Be Surprised To Find In Your Space?
This is a difficult question— as what Is normal to me may be surprising to others.... I do have more tea towels than the average guy.

Describe Your Ideal Workspace In Three Words...
Daylit, spacious and bit rough around the edges.

Does The Space You Work In Have An Interesting Story?
It’s the Singer building in NYC which has quite a history.

Do You Work And Live In The Same Space, If So How Does That Affect Your Work?
Yes, I have done this for many years. There are pros and cons. Nowadays I strive to keep some psychological distance between the two - otherwise I easily find myself working in bed.

What Are You Most Proud Of In The Space?
It’s versatility - this is a very mobile space - nothing is too heavy or permanent - you can easily adapt to suit your task at hand.

How Would You Describe Your Neighborhood?
Soho is nowadays a super busy tourist neighborhood. Physicially its got a lot of New York “Industrial Charm”.

What Can You See Outside Your Windows?
I look out over a sea of water towers and north west Manhattan.
DEscribe a real life Mundane Situation That Inspires You!
Light and shadow are my inspiration.

What Themes Do You Pursue In Your Work?
My ideal of beauty.

What Is Your Dream Project?
I’ve been very fortunate to explore a multitude of different yet related creative mediums in my working life - to make a world of my own. This is my dream. It’s not something in the future – it’s my present.

Favourite Song/Band While Working?
Brian Eno/Thursday Afternoon

What's The Best Advice You've Been Given And From Whom?
On the subject of light: when I was first starting out as a photographer, my friend Polly Borland said to me “always remember there is only one Sun.” I’ve never forgotten this.

What Is Your Most Important Artist's Tool?
The accident

What Mindset/Mood Do You Make Your Best Art/Work?
It’s often hard for me to find focus - multi tasking is my starting point as it helps to bring order into the chaos of the mind. Then I can start to calm down and bring focus in to one project. When I get there I can be extremely focused: entirely internalized. I like a calm in a very quiet environment.

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