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Jae Criddle

Jae Criddle is an illustrator and artist who lives near the port city of Fremantle, Western Australia. Since building and running a reputable and unique practice designing handcrafted signage, creating custom illustration and painting mural artwork, her interest has shifted toward fine arts. This has led her to explore different mediums including sculpture and embroidery.

The neighbourhood cat comes to visit now and again and I love how Jae has balanced her home space with the dedicated space she has created to work.

What is something that I would be surprised to find in your space?
Maybe Wolfgang. There’s a paper-mache monkey stowed under my table waiting to be dusted and stuck back together again. He could give you a bit of a fright.

Describe your ideal workspace in three words…
Huge, light, limestone.

Do you work and live in the same space, if so how does that affect your work?
My workspace is one of the bedrooms in our house. I like to be able to come and go, work in short spurts and at odd hours, so it works for me having a space at home. It can mean bigger battles with distractions and good old procrastination though.

What's the best advice you've been given and from whom?
Dad suggested pursuing art when I was 6 or 7. I remember it very clearly and remember pondering on it very seriously.
What can you see outside your windows?
A big bougainvillea and kids skateboarding up and down the driveway next door.

Favourite song/band while working?
A good soundtrack or something noisy/interesting/energetic, lately it has been Cate Le Bon.

What themes do you pursue in your work?
I'm usually mindful of the mood of an artwork. The strange, shady ways of humans is a common theme, our fragility, nature’s grip on us, and our disregard for nature.

What mindset/mood do you make your best art/work?A calm and playful/experimental mood usually helps. The things I like most are almost always accidental, when things come loosely and intuitively and I’m not being precious about the outcome. Way easier said than done.

Text Queenie Chan
Photography Paul Barbera

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