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Craig Waddell

Craig Waddell was born in Sydney in 1973. He is a painter who does large textural works that you just want to touch. I had a very insightful and inspiring 3-hour visit to his studio. It’s a very unassuming space, but the light is fantastic, and I found myself shooting his space non-stop for hours.

What is something that I would be surprised to find in your space?
I still have my cricket kit tucked away in the corner, still dreaming of playing for Australia!

Describe your ideal workspace in three words…
Light, breath, atmosphere

Does the space you work in have an interesting story?
The area is interesting as we are one of the only warehouse-style spaces amongst residential housing. I love that we have a Chinese laundry mat next to us, cabinet makers below and musicians in the house in front.

Do you work and live in the same space, if so how does that affect your work?
I may as well live in the space as I spend about 14hrs a day there, I like to live amongst my work and even more so now as it is changing a lot.

What are you most proud of in the space?
Funny enough I'm most proud of my build walls and walls on wheels, I'm not much with power tools but I did these ones myself.

How would you describe your neighborhood?
He is a top guy! Always very supportive and puts up with my long stories that get off track!

What can you see outside your windows?
I can see rooftops, a big sky and a palm tree, which is odd, I'm not sure why you would ever put a palm tree where we are.

Describe a real life mundane situation that inspires you!
I'm often inspired by shadows, they really rock my boat!

What themes do you pursue in your work?
Love, loss, and longing

What is your dream project?
Large scale painting that has no boundaries and can just organically grow and take over the whole space that it occupies.

Favourite song/band while working?
Angus & Julia Stone, just about everything they create. 

What's the best advice you've been given and from whom?
The best advice was from my old Sydney gallery owner, Alan Cooley, he once said to me you just need to keep on keeping on, don't over think it.

What is your most important artist's tool?
palate knives from Chef's warehouse

What mindset/mood do you make your best art/work?
I feel I make my best work when I'm committed to the process and intrigued by surprises without any concern for the end product.

When you day dream in your space and just lose yourself in thought, what are you thinking or worrying about?
I like to watch clouds, it's probably my favorite thing to do. When I do this I daydream about floating away and it feels so peaceful, becoming one with nature.


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