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Aldo Islas

Aldo Islas lives and works in Mexico City. formed as an Industrial Designer in Mexico City and now focuses mostly on painting. He has produced artworks for international brands like Bayer, Tomy Hilfiger & Levy’s and exhibits internationally. Nature, human emotions, and the internet are his main sources of inspiration. He’s currently working on his first solo show in Mexico City in April 2018. I got to ask him a few questions while visiting his studio -  

What themes do you pursue in your work?
Once in a while I get very into a specific subject, like love for example, as a good virgo I tend to overthink things and look for any detail or variant about it so now I’m looking for the next theme that inspires me for my next project, I feel very attracted to soft pastel colors and marble these days , so maybe thats the way to go, I don't want the black color to be always present in my work. I think that stage is slowly ending.

What's the best advice you've been given and from whom?
I think it was from Mexican /American artist Ray Smith , he told me to not to be afraid to jump into the personal realization of being an artist, the first one that has to believe that is you.
What mindset/mood do you make your best work?
Up until now has been anger and in love.

Describe your ideal workspace in three words…
Light space and music

Does the space you work in have an interesting story?
Yes, the building is a late 40´s Luis Barragán, it is his early work in colonia Cuauhtémoc so it has a lot of architectural value, sometime I see teachers and their students looking at it analyzing its details and Barragan´s characteristic style.

Describe a real life mundane situation that inspires you!
I get inspired by the people walking in the street and by things I see on the internet or social media.

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