This was a collaboration between A/D/O, meltingbutter studios and Where They Create, to document the launch of artist Huy Bui’s new project, Vertical Landscapes on August 8. Huy is a friend, whom I’ve shot a few times over the years for my project; and it was a great opportunity to create a moving image piece with him.

The project was created at A/D/O, a 23,000 square foot former warehouse in Brooklyn. Owned by MINI, the space now serves as a collaborative creative space. Bui’s workspace within A/D/O is noteworthy as the relationship between client/patron and creator is elevated – stretching the limits of the phrase “locally made.” Having the opportunity to design and build a project less than 30 ft. from the site is quite rare.

Vertical Landscapes is a collection of experimental planter designs that explores the potential for the development of modular, grid-based ecosystems. The film documents the process of designing, creating, and producing this project.

Where They’ is a visual documentation of the creative environments of artist & people, that meet during my travels, of homes and studios.

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